Sneaky errors that might occur when developing a problem set

  • Problem: When running the following error message appears

    Error in nchar(paste0(code, collapse = "\n")) :
      invalid multibyte string, element 1
    • Answer: This is a nasty error that has to do with the encoding of your text file. Try the following with your _sol.Rmd file. In RStudio choose the menu File -> Reopen with encoding. Then pick the Encoding UTF-8 and press ok. Now make some small changes in your file, save it and try again to run Hopefully it now works…
  • Problem: After changing the _sol.Rmd file and runing and, the browser opens but the changes do not appear in the shown problem set.

    • Answer: Make sure that you have correctly set the working directory with setwd to the folder in which your _sol.Rmd file is stored.