RTutor: Exploring Economic Impacts of COVID-19

18 Aug 2021

An earlier post described the impressive collection of US data that Chetty et al. made available to illuminate the economic impacts of Covid and accompanying policy measures.

As part of her Master thesis at Ulm university Alexandra Aehle has created a very nice RTutor problem set that allows you to replicate key insights of the data base the related working paper in an interactive fashion. Like in previous RTutor problem sets, you can enter free R code in a web-based shiny app. The code will be automatically checked and you can get hints how to proceed.

You can test the problem set online on shinyapps.io


or locally install the problem set, by following the installation guide at the problem set’s Github repository:


Here is a screenshot:

If you want to learn more about RTutor, try out other problem sets, or create a problem set yourself, take a look at the Github page


or at the documentation


Published on 18 Aug 2021